Christmas Culinary Program

Day 1 (Curing)

Arrival in the afternoon at Mora central station  where you will be collected by car and brought to the accomodation in Orsa. Evening meal is served at 18:00 after which we will introduce the program for the 4 days.

Kitchen session 1: During this first kitchen session we will show you how to cure some fish (arctic charr or salmon) and baltic herring.

Scandinavian Cooking Holidays
Scandinavian Cooking Holidays

Day 2 (Outdoor winter cooking)

  • Early start with breakfast at 7:00: For this day we will be experiencing the wild nordic woods and lakes. After breakfast we will be taking a trip to the wild forest area outside of Orsa.
    Kitchen session 2: The cooking class on this day will be in the wild over an open fire. We will be showing you some Swedish outdoor food like the kolbulle (Panncake), pinbröd (bread on a stick) and cooked Swedish coffee. The conditions require very good clothing and we offer possibility to rent winter thermals as an option.
  • A warm shower will be welcome after this days activities.
  • The evening meal will be a traditional Julbord (Christmas dinner)

Day 3

  • After breakfast we will take a trip to a local Christmas market which is a special experience not to be missed.
  • Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant near the market.
  • We will visit a local food producer (flat bread or rybread)
  • We will arive back at the accomodation after lunch
  • Evening meal will be served around 18:00

Kitchen session 3: After the Christmas market we will take it easy in front of the fire with some Mulled wine and ginger bread biscuits.  In the evening we will work in the kitchen to prepare a Jansens temptation

Scandinavian Cooking Holidays
Scandinavian Cooking Holidays

Day 4 (Baking)

  • After breakfast we will make the saffron buns
  • Lunch will be eaten at an old style Swedish village (Fryksås)
  • We will arive back at the accomodation after lunch

Kitchen session 4: During this kitchen session we will be making ginger bread (Pepparkaka). The smells and atmosphere from advent and Christmas will all be there.

Scandinavian Cooking Holidays

Day 5 (Final day)

  • Brunch: We make what in Sweden we call a `brunch´ breakfast/lunch together. Egg, bacon, pancake and prinskorv (Swedish sausage).
  • All guests will receive an apron and recipe folder as a memory from the trip.
  • We finish after our brunch. Thoughs requiring transport to the train will be brought to the station in Mora.