The Swedish Way!

Scandinavian Cooking Holidays

If you get invited to a Swedish house then here are some tips to help you get along!

  • Swedes are very punctual and appreciate when things go according to the time plan. Make sure you arrive on time
  • Take your shoes off at the door. Its not OK to walk into a house with your shoes on. It may make you feel a bit naked but everyone does it and you´ll get use to it.
  • Once seated at the table you can wait for the host to give you the go ahead to start eating. In Swedish this word is `varsågod´.
  • In some countries the host will serve you your food. This is not the case in Sweden. In Sweden you take the food yourself. You ask for the plate with potatoes and you take the amount you want to eat. If you are a big eater then you will need to have some self dicipline in order to make sure that you leave enough food for everyone else. It can be a bit uncomfortable but this is how it works.
  • If you are served bread with butter you may not be given a plate to put the bread on. So just put the bread on the table. Also the butter knife will most often be in the butter container and will be used by everyone else at the table.
  • Last but not least; People are the same wherever you go. Food creates fellowship so enjoy getting to know the Swedes because they´ll really enjoy getting to know you!