Traveling from outside of Sweden?

There are a number of airports which you can fly to:
* Stockholm Arlanda is Swedens main airport. Situated between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala. There is a train station at Arlanda airport where you can book a train that will bring you to Mora central station. At Mora central station we can collect you.

* Scandinavian mountains airport: This airport is about 1,5 hours from the accomodation. The easiest way to get from the airport to the accomodation is by car. Car rental is available at the airport,

* Car rental: All the airports offer car hire. The Orsa accomodation is about 4 hours drive from Arlanda airport.

Autumn culinary adventure

Can I combine a visit to Stockholm with the autumn culinary adventure?

Absolutely! If you are coming to Sweden via Arlanda airport then it is easy to get a bus or train from the airport directly into the central station in Stockholm.

Or why not visit the university town of Uppsala

Swedens main airport (Arlanda) is located between the capital city of Stockholm and the university town of Uppsala. Uppsala is well worth a visit with its beautiful cathedral, castle and university buildings. Uppsala cathedral is the tallest church building in Sweden. Uppsala is also the home of the famous Swedish naturalist Carl von Linné. There are direct trains and buses from Arlanda airport to Uppsala central station. Once in Uppsala, the castle, cathedral and university are all within walking distance from the central station.

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