Tuesday is raggmunk day

Cooking is fun!

OK folks, this isn´t health food but it sure tastes good.

Raggmunk is often served on Tuesdays at restaurants around Sweden and we´d love to share this dish with you.

So what is raggmunk? Its a potatoe pancake that is served with fried bacon and lingon berries. Its really filling and tastes great.

In this cooking class you will be making your own raggmunk meal together with our chef. You can then eat the food together.

As always you will be cooking in a supportive atmosphere. We look foreward to showing you how raggmunk is done.

We make this meal together and have fun while were doing it!

Cost for this class: 350 kr/person

Want to make this dish for your family and friends? The additional cost is 130 kr/friend/family person

To book this cooking class ring us 0250-41444 or mail us at contact@foodtrekkers.com

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