Saint Lucia Culinary Experience

Lucia is celebrated in Sweden on the 13th of December. We want to give you a genuine experience of Lucia and the food surrounding this celebration of light.

In this Lucia culinary experience, you will embark on an adventure into the dark and cold Scandinavian winter where the tastes and smells of the Swedish kitchen are never more poignant. In Sweden Lucia and advent mark the start to the christmas celebrations. The word Lucia comes from the Latin word `lux´ and means `light´. Its not strange that the Swedes have taken this saint to heart as the dark December days are in need of the light from Lucia.

When it comes to food, Lucia is full of atmosphere, smells and tastes of the coming christmas celebration. The saffron buns (Lussebullar) & ginger bread (Pepparkaka) with mulled wine (Glögg) are tastes and smells which fill many Swedish homes at this time of the year. This Lucia culinary adventure will open new doors to flavors and techniques topped with a taste of Swedish christmas. The only qualifications needed are a love for food and the desire to learn about cooking.

You will be learning how to make all the food for a Lucia celebration. But maybe more than the tastes will be the atmosphere experienced from the lights in the dark December with snow covered landscape. Build a Ginger bread house, make your own mulled wine, flavour your safran buns and visit a christmas market.

Did you know that the only threat to Coca Cola dominance comes from the Swedish Christmas must (Julmust) drink. Swedes love tradition and at Lucia it has to be Christmas must.

The course focuses on using local raw materials to create the amazing flavours of Christmas. We have the expertise and will provide you with the hands-on opportunity to develop your  culinary skills.  You will be learning in a practical and supportive environment, be on vacation in the most beautiful surroundings, and get the chance to make new friends. If you´ve been wondering what a Swedish Lucia celebration is like then this is a perfect opportunity for you to find out!


  • 3 days cooking classes
  • Qualified chefs
  • Personalized apron and recipe folder
  • Early morning Lucia concert on Lucia day (13th December)
  • Visit to a local christmas market
  • Cooking over an open fire in the forest
  • Eat a Christmas dinner (Julbord)
  • Local transportation
  • Daily delicious meals

Type of company: Culinary adventures and accomodation

Duration:  3 nights accommodation with private double room at Trunna Hostel & Konference in Orsa

Languages spoken: Swedish & English

Target group: Singles and small groups interested in experiencing Sweden through food.

Max no. of participants: 12

Season 2022: 11th december – 14th december 2022

Cost per person: 9500 kr / participant

What to bring: Warm clothes; hat, gloves and walking shoes / boots

Location: Orsa, in the Dalarna region of Sweden


To book our Lucia culinary adventure please mail us:


Ring +46 250 41444